Artist Consultation & Development

Let’s work together to develop a plan that will help you reach your goals!

Artist Consultation


As an artist consultant my mission is to help guide and support your artistic vision and journey. Whether you are an independent artist or band I will help you create customized, strategic marketing and development plans.  Here is what artist consultaion can do for you


  • Help enhance artistic vision

  • Career/project focus

  • Be a positive sounding board for your ideas

  • Create possible co-write opportunities

  • Assist in preparation and overview of demos/masters

  • Help development a business plan and financial strategies

  • Help finding creative, budget-conscious producers

  • Connect with creative, budget-conscious web designers and video producers

  • Plan creative visual and social media strategies

  • Connect artists/projects to lawyers/managers

Performance Coaching


  • Overcome fear and obstacles

  • Get unstuck and improve performance

  • Looking and feeling more confident and professional

  • Arranging and Preparing for performances

  • Developing the show

Artist Development and Assistantance


We offer a team to help you develop yourself or band or help you with tasks such as marketing, promotions, web site building, videography and more!


  • Build your artist persona

  • Artist branding

  • Marketing

  • Growing your career

  • Creating and maintaining

  • Plan of action, goal setting

  • Development of promotional materials

  • Business management

  • Law and legal issues

  • Booking



Consultation: $30 hr

Performance Coaching: $50 hr

Artist Development/Assistant: $20-$50 per hour


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